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iv fluid solutions plant using latest Technology

iv fluid solutions plant using latest Technology

We can help you start an iv fluid making plant using latest tecknowlegy from overseas.
Using the same tech we can also manufacture Sodium chloride for medical and medicinal purposes.
Potable water can also be manufactured from the same Plant without disturbing the water from the soil.
The need for iv solutions are increasing day by day and there is hardly any manufactures available in many states in India.
Hospitals need IV solutions badly without which they cannot run an
impatient ward and operation theatre.
The case is not in many foreign countries as they depend on foreign countries.
From a business perspective , manufacturing iv solutions is very ethical and a highly profitable business proposal.
The same platform can be used to manufacture sodium chloride,potable water,Medicinal salt,edible salt etc resulting tremendous saving in cost means, it adds to over all profit margin and faster break even