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NRIs Returning from gulf awaits big opportunities to become Entrepreneurs in Tourism biz

NRIs Returning from gulf awaits big opportunities to become Entrepreneurs in Tourism biz



Abundant business opportunities awaits for people in kerala who are likely to retire from gulf .
especially in the eco tourism sector.Tourism is the basic business in Kerala with largest business op
portunities spread across all districts in different parts of Kerala.

Any NRIs returning to India with minimum commonsense, reasonable capital and little entrepreneural skill can set up a business in 48 hrs ..
In tourism sector there are restaurants,hotels and resorts available in pleanty for sale.Some of these Resorts are closed down due to sheer misunderstanding between partners or money shortage which can be resolved by meeting a good consultant.In the tourism area
we can point out abig opportunity
To mention an example , a resort was built up in Munnar at Pallivasal.They constructed 32000 sqft with 20 rooms and 12 cottages including several Honey moon cottages,large swimming pool etc with great hope, fun and fan-fare .

They did it on a Gr+1 only although G+2 is Allowed that meant more spaces are allowed for constructing new rooms. Promoters soon found shortage of funds as their internal sources were driep up .They needed 3 crore to make the Resort operational in next 3 months. they are now stuck as their internal sources have limited capacity.
Munnar project photos - Jiji 029

They are willing to run it for you , if you have the will to pumb in 3 crores to complete the work and make it operational.One can be a partner for 3 crores.Or if you want to own the whole cake pay only 12 crore.If you dont want the current promoters to manage the resort for you, one can manage single handed and acquire the whole piece.

You lived in the Gulf for several years and built solid friend ship with many.Have ajoint venture with your own friends.Run and Manage the business for them.If there is still more time for their retirement,let them join you later as manager/partner.

If you cant manage 15 cr alone or jointly,become an organser and accumulate more resourcesful people ,make it a society or a public ltd company and you manage the show for them.

Munnar project photos - Jiji 022
This way you find a business that is the fastest growing one in kerala.Since I was also an NRI having livid in USA,Middle east,Africa,Dubai and many other countries.some of the usual talk among Malayalies are related to longterm friend ship and living together in a gated colony in keralas a unseparatable .If so why not be partners in business for ever.

Many NRKs have little idea whether they can ever be a business man.Many big talks in the Kerala association and Malayali associations around the world have taught us not just for tossing the glasses,but much more as many have proven identity in their world in India and overseas

You have to prepare a team of investors and also ateam of workers and managers.Organise groups of talented people.Some have talents others
have money.Put together both and you can be an NRI business group.


This endangered resort is an example as to how you can takeover and manage a small resort like this.There are many left Gulf or USA and are managing hotels and resorts for others,as many many small investmments put together become a gigantic proportion and can manage giant enterprises.

There is heavy shortage of dwelling units and heavy demand in Munnar for resorts .Average income from food and beverages is nearly 60 to 70% without liquor
In this 15 cr investments in 3 to 4 months the valuation of property alone will be , after it becomes operational and even if you resell the net profit will be 25 to 30%.Here the strategy is rekindle the lamp and enligten to generate profit that was hidden in the asset

Author is Management consultant- set up usa MNC companies in kerala w ith great success and profile can be seen in Google.com/Lynked IN.com
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